Training for Organizations

Our trainings are offered at NO COST to community partners.
Give us a call 1-877-698-7838 or 2-1-1 Option 4 to see how we can better serve you.

Education Courses

We can provide your organization with different trainings from psychoeducational courses to organizational trainings on Courage to Call

Provider and Organizational Competency Courses:

Courage to Call Overview: This overview is provided to providers/organizations to introduce them to the Courage to Call program. This gives a snapshot of what we can provide to you as a provider/organization and what we provide to the community.

Veteran Culture Competency: This course is for providers/organizations that may serve the veteran community and want to further their understanding of the culture. This course provides the insight for serving the military community.

Military Family Culture Competency: This course is designed for providers and organizations that serve not only the veteran, but the entire family unit. Being a military family brings many unique challenges. This educational overview will enlighten your organization to some of the challenges that the military family may face and how we can best support them

Question, Persuade, & Respond (QPR):This course is for providers/organizations that would like to learn three proven steps in suicide prevention training.

Psychoeducational courses:

Additional Psychoeducational courses available upon request. Contact