Success Stories

A female veteran came to Courage to Call as a last resort. She had been struggling for the last 25 months juggling her bills and trying to make it by on her own. Her husband had abandoned her and was nowhere to be found. She was flooded with emotions, anxious and depressed. She was 2 months behind rent and was served eviction papers. She felt hopeless that anyone could help, but she still reached out. Courage to Call connected her with Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) and they were able to give her $6800 to pay her back rent and the current months’ rent. They also paid for move in cost for her to move into a more affordable apartment. Veteran is now focused on getting a higher paying job and moving forward in getting a divorce. She is no longer stressed about her living situation and is amazed that she could ever be able to get this kind of help.

“When I came to Courage to Call, I had no job, no house, no vehicle. From helping me with resources to being there for emotional support, Courage to Call was always there. 2 months later, I have an amazing job, my own apartment, and a vehicle. Without their help, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.”  -Military Spouse

“I want to give a big thanks to Michael Johnson. and the rest of the team, for all the help and support that has been given to me over the last year. If not for the help, emotionally and financially, then I might not be where I am today. I got involved with Courage to Call through the Veterans Court Program. This was an intense rehabilitation outreach program that has made me a better person, helped better my life, and become an active member of society.

I was given a mentor Mr. Michael Johnson, who has been there supported me and has gone above and beyond anything that anyone has done for me. He came to all my court dates. He called me all the time just to check up on myself as well as my girlfriend. I was working for Caltrans when I found out that I am going to be a father in October 2020. I needed a better job and had to find something. Mr. Johnson in January of 2020 gave me a work referral for the company that I am currently employed for now. This helped a lot because it gives me more pay and flexibility. I did however need steel toe boots for the job. At the time of me switching jobs I could not afford them, because I just moved back home. I had rent to pay as well as we lived in Temecula, so I used a lot of money in gas.

In that same month Courage to Call and Mr. Johnson provided me with the boots that I needed to keep my job. The last thing that they have done for me was gave me a lead to an apartment in Escondido. Mr. Johnson helped us reach out and get the information that was required to move in. On March 12, 2020 we moved into the apartment. Mr. Johnson and Courage To Call also donated a big bag of diapers and a big bag of clothes to us. We were not expecting this. I am truly happy to have the opportunity to work with Courage to Call. I also what to thank Mr. Johnson for all he has done for my girlfriend, my almost due son, and myself. With out all the support that has been given from them I might not have been here today. ” – Air Force Veteran

Courage To Call Veteran Peer Outreach Specialist  followed up and met with homeless veteran from North County Stand Down. The C2C Peer Specialist assisted the veteran in finding substance use treatment at the VA. Courage to Call provided Veteran with a jacket/sleeping bag and a monthly bus pass to help him get to and from substance use treatment services.

“Thank you so much for always giving us delicious food. My kids and us love going to your food distributions.” – Veteran Family

During the summer, a veteran over 75 years old and living with a disability, called Courage to Call and requested assistance with getting a fan for him in his apartment. The Veteran Peer Outreach Specialist requested assistance and found donors that provided fans (like new) to the veteran. The Courage To Call Family Support Partner helped to deliver fans to the veteran within 48 hours of his initial request…

“Thank you, y’all are a God send… I’m going to be cool now…”  –  Veteran