Success Stories

Before I called Courage to Call I was in an unhealthy family situation that left me outraged and feeling like giving up. I was out of places to go and pregnant with a baby. I had my teenage daughter with me and was fighting for my other daughter to come home… except I didn’t have a home. We were grateful for the few people giving us a place to stay for a few days here and there, but we were all over the place and really just needed a place to ourselves. After the last place we stayed turned into a bad situation we were continuously prepared for the worst…living on the streets. Through the disappointment and tears, I managed to find Courage to Call and this time was things were different.

I got on the phone and the person on the other line sensed my desperation. I begged her not to give me the same list of resources with long waiting lists or wouldn’t take pregnant women or families. I needed her to give me something different. She assigned me a Navigator which saved me so much time. Within the week we had a spot at a short term transitional housing program. Within a month we ended up at the Welcome Home Family Program. Our family is back together with a healthy baby boy and we are truly grateful. Since calling Courage to Call I have been able to finally take advantage of many of our veteran benefits with support every step of the way.

Thank you Courage to Call!

C2C staff helped connect Marine family with Warrior Warehouse for household furniture. Marine was unable to make it to the scheduled weekly warehouse. C2C staff collaborated with Warrior Warehouse to make an exception for Marine family to come in on a non-working day for Marine so that he may pick up furnishings for house and nursery.

C2C staff met with justice- involved veteran recently released from incarceration on 11/11/2015 at San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade. Veteran informed C2C staff member that his life has been completely changed due to C2C staff advocacy in July 2015 in support of his request to Veterans Treatment Court referral. Veteran reported that he is currently and actively participating in treatment as directed by Veterans Treatment Court team and is hopeful that his future will be positively impacted by the assistance and services provided by C2C staff.

Elderly Veteran with medical, dental, and mental health concerns was being evicted from property where motor home was parked. Motor home was not functioning with no registration and no smog check. Courage to Call advocated for veteran in the community and was able to receive aid from Poway Veterans Organization (PVO) who paid registration and smog check and helped veteran move from Bonsall to Vista.

C2C staff was approached by Veteran and his spouse. He has been unemployed and actively looking for employment without any luck. C2C staff gave him a referral and warm hand off to REBOOT program.

C2C staff has been successful in connecting a Veteran who is a single mother with an opportunity to receive a customized themed playhouse through the San Diego Habitat for Humanity Playhouse Program. Donors from the National Association of Realtors came together to construct and customize a playhouse for this deserving Veteran Family. C2C staff was able to help deliver the playhouse for the family to enjoy just in time for the holidays.